Got an idea? Draw it! Send it! Wear it!

Enter in Outline Montréal’s design contest and get discovered.

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1. The first rule of the contest is : you do not mess with copyright, your work has to be original.

2. The second rule is : You do not express any political, ethnic, sex and religion opinions.

3. The third rule is : If you send file. it must be a vectorized design.

4. The fourth is : only one designs by contestant.

5. Fifth rule : Our jury will decide which designs will be in the competition.

6. Sixth rule:The competition will be disputed on our Facebook page where our community will vote for the best draw.

7. Seventh rule: The winner will be announced on our community page and thought our social media.

8. Eight rule: Do something creative!

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Send your submissions to


Good Luck! ;)